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Pinarello Dogma F10 RIM BRAKE

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The Pinarello Dogma F10 isn't the most versatile racing bike. The low tire clearance of just 28 mm makes it pretty much a "road-only" machine; in an era when modern race bikes can accommodate 32 mm rubber for off-tarmac adventures, the Dogma sticks with a stated 25 mm max tire. You can squeeze in a 28 mm tire for a bit more comfort and grip in the wet, but nothing more than that. But when you spend this much money on a bike, you probably don't want to rally it on rocky trails anyway.

The disc brakes, a new addition with the F10, mean that the bike feels confident when descending on the road and can stop on a dime no matter the conditions. For beginners, this will be confidence-inspiring, and experienced cyclists will love the way they can brake later and harder on technical descents. Where rim brakes can struggle in the wet, or on long descents where rims heat up and braking performance can be compromised, disc brakes offer reliable performance in almost any conditions that amateur riders are likely to encounter. They might weigh a few ounces more than rim brakes, but most of us have a few pounds over those Tour de France riders anyway!